Stem cell therapy: We’re proud of the cutting edge equipment and education you can find at our veterinary office, and that is on full display through our stem cell therapy services. Give us a call today for more information.

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency Therapy (PEMF): Break through treatment for chronic pain. It can treat arthritis, post-op pain, strains, sprains and so much more! (Great for humans too)

Laser Therapy: Not all laser are treated the same. We have a class IV Laser that requires less time especially for that anxious pet.

Prolotherapy: Regenerative Medicine Non-surgical approach to hip dysplasia and Cruciate ligament repair. Ligaments and tendons are what hold our joints in alignments. When torn, joints become loose, causing arthritis and painful subluxations. Ligaments and tendons are slow to heal as they have only a small blood supply naturally. The inflammation caused by the injury induces cells called fibroblasts to grow and repair the tendon. However, acute inflammation fades quickly and often leaves the tendon/ligament injury incompletely repaired. Thus surgery is often required. Custom braces can be used to stabilize the leg joints, but of course these do not repair the tear. Prolotherapy is the injection of inflammatory substances directly into the tendon. This then stimulates the fibroblasts again to activate and continue to repair the tear, thus giving us a healed tendon! Depending on the size of the tea, prolotherapy is often repeated, as again, that acute inflammation fades. The nice thing is that there is no end to the amount of fibroblasts available to “restart” the repair, so if the joint becomes unstable in the future, prolotherapy can then be done again with equal success! The main uses for prolotherapy are for hip subluxation/dysplasia complex and cruciate ligament repair, although stabilization of subluxated discs in the back is often done. Your pet must be sedated for this procedure as it does hurt and needles are inserted into the tendon within the joint, but it is a same day in and out procedure. X-rays are often taken to evaluate existing injury and/or damage. Bottom line, prolotherapy is a non-surgical “natural” option for tendon and ligament injury.

Activated Oxygen Therapy: Oxygen as you know is the molecule that makes all life possible. What you may not know is that oxygen, when “activated” turns from the molecule 0 – 2 (oxygen) to 0 – 3 (ozone).  This 3rdoxygen atom is very special, and it does two things.

One, it puts “extra” oxygen in diseased, cancerous, inflamed or infected tissue. This increased oxygen greatly boosts the body’s healing power!  Oxygen is the molecule from which all cellular energy and thus function and healing is derived.

Second, the 3rdoxygen atom negatively affects abnormal cells, (such as cancer) and pathogens such as bacteria, yeast, fungus, and viruses.  It does this by breaking through the outer “wall” that surrounds the abnormal cell or pathogen.  NORMAL cells have a way of protecting themselves against this effect, thus normal cells get a boost of oxygen to help them heal, while abnormal cells and pathogens have their “wall” broken and die!

A special machine is required to take medical grade oxygen and activate it. The 0 – 3 molecule is stable for only short periods of time, which is why it does not occur in nature except in the upper atmosphere.  Activated oxygen (ozone) is used in many cities nationwide to purify their water supply instead of chemicals such as chlorine, so its effectiveness is well documented.

So where can we use this?  With most any resistant, or degenerative disease process, cancer, non-antibiotic responsive infections, severe yeast infections of the skin and ears.  It is also helpful in the treatment of arthritis, colitis, or any other inflammatory condition.  There are a variety of ways to administer activated oxygen (ozone) and a number of treatments vary depending on the condition we’re treating.

We are very excited  about adding this therapy in our quest to help pets who are severely ill or have been given no other chance.