Northern Tuli Predator Project


This is the project we were working on. Running for over five years, the Northern Tuli Predator Project focuses mainly on the study of lions and leopards, but other large carnivores such as the spotted hyaena are also incorporated. The goal is to tag with GPS collars, adult male lions and leopards, to map out their territories and to manage/prevent their straying onto neighboring countries land and thus be poached/hunted, or shot by farmers if the lions try to take cattle part of the project is to show how the tourist money supports the country so the animals are valuable and not pests. Andrei Snyman is the PhD candidate/researcher on the project July 2010 a group of 3 veterinarians traveled to Botswana to assist him in the tracking and tagging.


As the Tuli lions are severely threatened we urgently need to raise funds to study the effects of human disturbances of this population and to raise conservation awareness for them.

Aims of Project

Determine lion numbers and population structures of the Northern Tuli Game Reserve.
Compare current population status with that of historical records.
Determine lion movements – especially male lions via GPS-radio collars.
Identify factors influencing the lion population.