Holistic Pet Health

Here at Newkirk Family Veterinarians, we hold a strong belief that no two patients are ever exactly alike. We believe in looking at your pet’s health and wellness as one big picture, rather than a series of smaller puzzles. Each aspect of your pet’s health can affect the others, and we pay attention to the big picture when diagnosing and treating your pet.

This form of veterinary practice is called holistic veterinary medicine, and we are proud to be both a traditional and holistic veterinarian in Egg Harbor Township, NJ. Like most pet owners, we believe in trying and using whatever works, and that’s usually a combination of a few different things. Here are the main holistic services we proudly provide our patients.

  • Electrosurgery
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Homeopathy
  • Holistic Diets
  • Special Interest in Chronic Illnesses & Arthritis Control
  • Alternative Cancer Therapies
  • Cryosurgery (Freezing of Tumors)
  • Nutraceutical Therapy
  • Holistic Cancer Treatment
  • Non-Surgical approaches to Spinal Diseases and Lameness
  • Alternative Chiropractics
  • Metabolic Nutritional
  • Analysis and Balancing
  • NAET – The Allergy Elimination Therapy
  • Vet-Stem Treatment

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency Therapy (PEMF)

PEMF therapy basically comes down to maintaining good cell health and repair of damage. As we grow
older, and /or contract chronic disease, our cells no longer function at their best, which leads to
premature aging, degenerative disease (example: arthritis) and a decline in performance. By stimulating
cell metabolism, PEMF therapy may restore cell function and repair cells to recover from trauma or
illness. PEMF therapy aids the body in several ways:
• Blood circulation is increased throughout the body or body part being treated Many PEMF
studies appear to demonstrate an increase in blood oxygen content.
• Oxygenation relieves inflammation, and because all pain is caused by inflammation, if we
can relieve that inflammation then the pain decreases, and the body begins to heal.
• Calcium influx, this is an important function in repair of bone.
• Lymphatic drainage is improved, thus removing inflammatory toxins which cause muscle
spasms or “knots”
While very technical, all this boils down to stimulating the body’s own healing power on the microscopic
level. This is where repair and regeneration and health begin! Low and high density PEMF are both
beneficial. The low intensity PEMF benefits capillary blood flow in the skin, so it is great for wound
therapy, skin conditions and healing. High density PEMF benefits blood flow in the deeper organs. PEMF
therapy is FDA approved for pain and inflammation treatment, and for the treatment of depression in
humans! We are already using PEMF on our animal patients with some very interesting results,
including faster wound healing, bone fracture healing and disc disease.

Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Therapy (NAET)

NAET  an energy medicine treatment for allergies and more!

Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Therapy, was discovered by Dr Devi Nambudipad, an acupuncturist who was basically allergic to almost everything!  Her book, “Say Goodbye To Illness” discusses this revolutionary discovery.

Adapted to animals, I have been using NAET for almost 20 years, it works particulary well, since my patients can’t talk!  Using Muscle Testing, (aka Applied Kinesiology) I can find areas of the body where the electricity of nerve conduction is weak. Then we use NAET to strengthen the electrical signals form the brain.

Think of the brain as a computer. Think of the accupuncture points along the spine as the keyboard.  Think of the allergy (grass for example) as our flash drive. We can then “correct” the brain’s “program” for the injury or allergy area.  Thus we actually can eliminate allergies!

That sounds crazy, I know, and the treatment looks crazy as well. No needles, no injections. It’s done by accupressure with my fingers.  Go to www.naet.com for more information.

Activated Oxygen Therapy

Where can it be used? With any resistant or degenerative disease process, cancer, non- antibiotic responsive infections, severe yeast infections of the skin and ears. It’s also helpful in the treatment of arthritis, colitis, or any other inflammatory condition.