Small Animal Rehabilitation

As a family owned business, we here at Newkirk Family Veterinarians understand just how precious a pet can be to any family, and we always work tirelessly to make sure each pet that comes into our office gets quality care that lives up to our high standards. That commitment shines through when you visit us for small animal rehabilitation in Egg Harbor Township, NJ, which focuses on helping your pet regain and attain a high quality of life. Here’s a look at the different types of rehabilitation services we proudly provide:

Passive range of motion therapy: This gentle therapy option improves joint mobility, making it easier for your pet to run, walk and fully enjoy life.

Treadmill therapy: Walking your pets on the treadmill will improve their cardiovascular health and increase their muscle strength, endurance and balance.

Underwater hydro-treadmill: This treatment allows your pet to get an early start on the rehabilitation road. Underwater hydro-treadmill treatment will also contribute to faster muscle development in your pet.

Cryotherapy: Also known as “cold therapy,” this treatment relieves pain and inflammation, and decreases bleeding and swelling.

Heat therapy: This therapy improves both muscle flexibility and circulation for your pet.

Neuromuscular stimulation: If you’re concerned about your pet losing muscle mass because of an injury or illness, consider using chiropractic treatment to help prevent that from happening.

To learn more about our small animal physical therapy in Egg Harbor Township, NJ, we hope you’ll give the team at Newkirk Family Veterinarians a call anytime at 609-645-2120.